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The internet is a vast resource for knowledge, however that vast knowledge is on a lot of various things that may not be appropriate for children and students.  The idea that someone can search for anything and have various “tags” can bring inappropriate matter to the children’s attention.  The internet opens up a world of things that were not typically that easy to find…now unsuspecting children my find things that adults don’t even want to see.  The ability of search engines like Google,, and more provide an easy way to find material but sometimes we find material that we know in not appropriate or is not what we are looking for.  We have learned how to search for things and be explicit as to make sure we don’t want any unwanted sites.  But children do not have that ability.

What is the impact of this issue on K-12 schools, educators, and students?

The openness and connectivity of the internet provides great opportunities for schools, students, and educators.  It can be looked at as a cheaper asset than volumes of encyclopedias that are expensive and can become outdated very easily.  The internet’s ability to search various topics provides resources to all students on all topics at a moments notice.  In education today, teachers are very limited on the time that they have to instruct and complete projects.  Not to mention how these are now 21st century learners…they live and breath technology in every aspect of their lives.

However, the insecurity of the internet poses major threats to the students, educators and school systems.  It allows students to search for anything (appropriate or not) and in an instance that something in appropriate does come up, the educators, the school systems and other students are the one who gets punished as well.  We need to minimize these risks so that the internet is a vital tool for all students to continue to use in learning and understanding.


Describe how you would integrate this topic into grades 3-5 instruction

I would integrate this topic into grades 3-5 on how to properly use the internet and proper search techniques by using kid safe portals such as


Describe how you would integrate this topic into grades 5-8 instruction

In these grades we would be utilizing search engines more as portals for research, so I would work more specifically with the tools to preform a through search and research inquiry.  Continuous guidlines and a search activiy will help to teach the students how to find the materials they need.


Describe how you would integrate this topic into grades 7-9 instruction

For grades 7-9, I would have the students learn how to search for things by using guidelines or possibly use a scavenger hunt to teach the children about search engines.  I would also like to provide the students with the chance to understand website authenticity and evaluations.


Describe how you would integrate this topic into grades 9-12 instruction

For students in these grades, I would work with fellow teachers on providing the students with a opportunity for a guided research class.  Here students will learn more on finding databases and being more specific in their reach.

Additional Links:

  •  Google’s Family Center that describes all their tools for protecting children (YouTube, Android applications as well as the internet)
  • UK website for children to learn about internet security topics like cyber bullying and file sharing and more
  • This is an interactive, kid friendly web browser that is free to download
  • This is a great site for teachers to use because it is all educational based – helps keep them from going to other sites to just “look around”



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  1. Jess, you make some great points! The internet is definitely a dangerous place for kids if we’re not careful! I love that major search engines have come up with “kid-friendly” internet options! It’s so important that we’re protecting the minds of young people because there are so many things that, once you see, you feel like you can never erase! Your activities are great!! Nice work 🙂

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